Kings On The Road  RV Club  

Each year there are many opportunities to attend campouts with our regional chapters.  Contact the chapter chair (here) to find out more about a chapter near you.  There are also larger rallies held throughout the year, generally one in the spring and one in the fall at various locations across the country.  Our next National Rally is being held in Jackson, MO in the Fall of 2015.  Please contact the Wagon Master (here) for how you can be a part of this exciting adventure!


What are we up to? Veiw CALENDAR OF EVENTS>

President                                      Vice President                          Secretary/Treasurer

                                                         Rita (Dillard ) Black                    Ellen (Harold) Burtzloff


           *                                                             *                                                      *

Membership Chair                      Publicity Chair                          Chapter Chair

Keith (Connie) Beers                        Carolyn (Carl) Ryder                      Ken (Janice) Sauerbrunn           

            *                                                            *                                                      *

Web Site Manager                       Chaplain                                     Historian

Harold (Ellen) Burtzloff                      Ben ( June) Tyer                                                

              *                                                          *                                                       *       

                                                          Appointed Positions

                                                           Wagon Master

                                                              Keith (Connie) Beers




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