Kings On The Road  RV Club  

A little about our history.

The national Kings on the Road Club was founded in 1995 at Camp Verde, AZ. It was founded based on the ideas of friendship between owners of King of the Road RV’s and providing factory technical support.

National rallies were started in 1996, when the Oklahoma Roamers chapter hosted the first national rally at Texoma, OK. The 1997 rally was hosted by the Southern California Kings in Jean, NV, and the 1998 rally, hosted by the Southern California Kings, was in Calistoga, CA, in the California wine country. Not surprisingly, this was the rally that began a long tradition of visiting local attractions and businesses, in this case the wineries. The Great Lakes chapter hosted the 1999 rally in The Dells of Wisconsin, and featured a cheese and bratwurst tour of the Dells.

The club grew to about 200 rigs, and a conscious effort was made to hold national rallies in differing sections of the country so that more members would be able to attend. Many rallies drew attendance of 90 to 100 rigs at locations all over the country, and also included a team of technicians from the KOTR factory and limited financial support as well.

Year              Location                                               Host Chapter

2000            Myrtle Beach, SC                                 Southeast Kings

2001            Coeur d’Alene, ID                                Northwest Kings

2002            Amana Colonies, IA                             Iowa Kings

2003            Tampa, FL                                           Southeast Kings

2004            Rayne, LA                                            Klassy Kings

2005            Tucson, AZ                                          Full Time Kings

2006            Branson, MO                                       Oklahoma Roamers

2007            Pennsylvania Amish Country              Nor’easters

Then, in 2007, the King of the Road factory closed – new KOTR RVs were no longer being built. This presented a dilemma to the club, as the pool of potential new members was greatly reduced. Membership in the club had always been limited to King of the Road owners. After lengthy discussion it was decided to accept others for membership, first former members who now owned non-KOTR rigs, and eventually any owner of a self-contained RV referred by an existing member. National rallies continued to be held in diverse locations around the country.

Year              Location                                                    Host Chapter

2008            Rapid City, SD                                           Central Plains Kings

2009            Vidalia, LA                                                 Full Time Kings

2010            Atlanta, GA                                                Southeast Kings

2011            Kansas City, MO                                        Full Time Kings

2012            Dallas/Fort Worth, TX                                Lone Star Kings

2013            Lake Ozark, MO                                        Full Time Kings

2014            Hutchinson, KS                                         Central Plains Kings 

2015            Jackson, MO                                             Full Time Kings

2016            Decatur   AB                                             Full Time Kings

2017            Apache Junction  AZ                                 full Time Kings